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Delete user from testrail hosted


I can’t seem to find a way to delete a user in testrail hosted. I can only make the user inactive. Is there no delete option ?


Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Fully deleting users is not supported in order to retain their test history etc. but deactivating users has basically the same effect (the user is no longer counted against the license limit or subscription fee, cannot log in anymore and can no longer be selected in user dropdowns, such as the Assign To fields for tests and test runs).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



why shouldn’t this possible?

Let’s say we have the following scenario:

  1. We take for example a team of 10 people with accounts in TestRail with a license of 10 users
  2. Everybody creates and executes test cases for a period of 6 months
  3. Of course, all the results of each account is being tracked
  4. After 6 months one of the team members decides to leave the company. At this point we have 9 people using TestRail, but no other accounts available, since we are using 10 accounts
  5. After 7 months another person gets hired and the QA Manager would like to provide him or her with a TestRail account, but there are no licenses left.
  6. You no longer need the account for the person who left the company and you would like to delete the account, but this is not possible
  7. You have the option to update the name and assign the old user to the new employee, but then you will have tests results history for the time he or she wasn’t in the company and you don’t want to mess up with a user’s statistics
  8. You need to buy one more license

What if Deletion of user would be possible, with the risk of loosing data from the old users and an info that a result was marked by an Deleted user?


For any person that leaves or no longer needs access you can change the user’s account to Inactive. That’ll allow you to add another user, and it’ll retain the inactive user’s history.


Hello Valentin,

Thanks for your posting. As Don already explained (thank you!), you can simply set users to Inactive (under Administration > Users & Roles) and you can add a new user then. That’s the best of both worlds: the user history is fully retained and you can free/reuse licenses for users who no longer need access to TestRail.



In my opinion, you should allow to remove inactive users.


Hi @DKim,

You can simply deactivate users in this case and we keep old users so we can still show the name etc. next to test results, for example.



hi @tgurock I would like to second deleting users.
If we are running multiple projects throughout the year working with 3rd parties, but the end of the year I could have up to 100 Inactive users.

It would be useful to add more filters to the page, so I can filter by Inactive
Or by Group, as we use groups for projects


Hi Stuart,

Fully deleting users is not possible since old test results and other records may still be linked to those users. Deactivating them has the same effect (they cannot login anymore and are not counted against the license/subscription limit). You can hide inactive users from the Administration > Users & Roles page with the All/Active only option in the sidebar.



Hi @tgurock,

I’d also vote for deleting users. You can keep history without having users in db.
Regarding your suggestion to hide inactive users, unfortunately there is no such option in edit group page where I can see many inactive users and have to scroll through them. It really bothers.
Hope one day you will add the delete function.


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your feedback! The users marked as inactive would also have a strikethrough with their name in the edit group page to help differentiate the active vs inactive users. That said, we’re also happy to look into adding these filters on the add/edit group page (and any other page that would display a user list) to help with visualizing just the active users as well.



While auditability is an important consideration, it only applies IF there are active records by that user, otherwise it should be possible to delete it. Moreover, admin should be able to override auditability requirements and remove a user anyway (though it would make sense to have and additional filter on the user management page)

For example a bulk user registration results in erroneous accounts - those are garbage and sore sight, strike-through or not.


Please add my vote to allow User deletions. The filter is fine when it can be used and still seeing the user, even with a strike through is annoying. We have a small team and I would rather not see them. I can only imagine those dealing with larger groups, contractors in and out based on project activity. I hope you all re-consider this design decision in the future.