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Delete Test Run


Hey guys,

Was just wondering if there is a way to delete test runs? I ask because I really like the graphing features and they’ll be great for a lot of applications but while actually playing around with our initial installation, I added a created a lot of test runs which have bogus results in them (I was just experimenting and getting a feel for how TestRail works).

Also, I’m sure that in the future it’s likely that run results will lose their context relevant to how we intend to use TestRail.

So my question is, is it possible to delete test runs? Is it possible to remove them before AND/OR after ‘locking’ the results?


Hello Anthony,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, deleting test runs/plans is supported as long as they haven’t been locked/closed yet. To do this, click the Edit button in the toolbar when you view a test run/plan and you should see a “Delete this test run/plan” link in the sidebar on the right. If you don’t see this link or the Edit button, the test run/plan is either already closed or you don’t have the permissions to edit/delete test runs/plan. In this case you would need to contact your TestRail administrator and the permissions can be changed in the administration area under Administration > User & Roles.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Just wondering what the reasoning is for not being able to delete locked/closed test runs?




Thanks for your posting. Closed test runs are considered “archived” by TestRail and that’s the main reason for this behavior. There’s no technical reason behind this. Adding support for deleting closed test runs is already on our feature request/todo list and it’s planned to look into this (e.g. with an extra permission). That said, closed test runs will eventually disappear from the overview page (due to pagination) so it’s not an issue usually. I understand that you still might want the option to delete them though and we will look into it as mentioned.




I have product admin rights for Test Rail and I don’t see the delete test run option for me. I have other user with the same access rights and he can see the options to delete test run. Am I missing something? can you please help?



You probably still need to look at the Role permissions…

This is separate from the general Admin permissions if I remember correctly.


Is there a way to delete test runs in bulk? I have a number of test runs created by automation which is not meant to be published in TestRail.