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Delete test case which are not valid anymore


Hello. I have some test cases under a test suite. Over multiple product releases, these test cases have become invalid. What is a good way to delete/remove these test cases?

I can deprecate these test cases however it just adds to our test case count & I really want to avoid that. Another option is to delete the test case but then there is no log.

Is there any other option or way to maintain such test cases?


Hello Sonal,

Thanks for your posting. Deleting test cases also deletes all tests and results in active test runs so please make sure to close any finished, but active test runs you want to keep:

How to delete/deprecate test cases depends on your preference. You can physically delete them as you mentioned but this would remove their case history. Tests & results would not be affected though if you closed the runs & plans previously as mentioned.

If you want to keep the case history, it can make sense to deprecate the cases instead. Many customers use a custom field for this (e.g. Status dropdown or Obsolete checkbox), and you can use this field to configure your case selection when adding new test runs or plans.

I hope this helps!



I know what our team has done is to create an “archive” suite or folder (depending on the project) where we move all the old test cases that don’t apply. This lets us be able easily go back and view them (and all corresponding results). It has worked out well for us so far.


Thanks, John, this looks like a good approach as well.



Thanks Tobias, thanks John


Good to hear that this helps, Sonal!