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Delete multiple test cases


New to Test Rail. Is there a way to delete multiple test cases within the test suites and cases section? I know you can check more than one, etc, but there is no option to delete.

Any suggestions?


You could move the testcases to a separate section (e.g. “to be deleted”) and then delete the whole section



Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no mass-delete (or mass-edit) functionality for test cases but we already have this on our feature request / todo list and it is planned to look into this. The check boxes on the left are only for copying/moving purposes currently (via drag & drop). You could use the workaround mentioned by spacefrog in the meantime (creating an empty, temporary section, moving your test cases into this section and then deleting the entire section).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any questions.



Thanks to both of you for the suggestions / workaround. I am currently doing this, and will continue until additional functions are added.

Thanks again,


You are welcome!



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