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Delete closed test plan


I’m currently testing your platform and during this period I created (will create) a lot of dummy data that I would like to remove. The problem that I encountered was in deleting closed test plans. How can I do that?


Closed test runs cannot be deleted - but an open one can be deleted, when you are editing it.


Hey Andrei,

Thanks for your posting. By default, closed test runs or plans cannot be deleted but you can activate this by adding the Test Runs (Closed) > Delete permissions to your user/role or group. You can configure this under Administration > Users & Roles.

I hope this helps!



Good hint. Thank you.


@bygones, @tgurock contradicts you. :slight_smile: Fortunately this can be done.


he has all rights do to so. Didn’t know about that option. good he cleared that out.


I must add that it’s a relatively new feature and not very obvious to find :slight_smile:

Deleting a closed/archived run or plan is also not a frequently used action, so it’s not enabled by default.



If I delete a closed plan, would this remove the results?


Especially when the Users Guide does not address the option.

see How to delete closed Plans and Run forum thread