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Delete Attached Files


How can attached Files be deleted? I’m asking for those files that have been uploaded while setting a test result?

Equally I wonder how test results can be deleted? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your posting. It’s not currently possible to delete test results or remove uploaded files. TestRail has been designed so you cannot remove entered test results in order to make it easier to audit previous results (like most bug tracking tools don’t allow you to delete issues, just close them).

That said, we do want to look into this and maybe add an option in the future to delete a test result for just a specific time after it was added (just like the edit feature we already have). You can just “override” a test result by setting it to Retest though and only the latest result is used in the status reports.

If absolutely required it would also be possible to delete a file in the server’s attachment directory (e.g. if a user uploaded a sensitive file by mistake).



Has this been added as a feature?
If someone fails and adds a file by mistake, it should be possible to revert this.


Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not yet available but it’s planned to look into this as part of a more generic feature (e.g. to delete test results).



+1 for the ability to delete attachments and to be able to edit/delete the status of test results.

I do like though that the intention was to provide auditability. Maybe something can be done to show that the result was edited? Or add a history feature like the test cases have?


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your feedback, and these are great suggestions! Happy to add your vote to the request.