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Defects list doesn't refresh


Hi! We’ve faced a problem which makes our work too complicated.

When you add Jira bug to the result field there is a possibility of having error with Jira integration. The list of current defects for that test doesn’t refresh and shows error “json_decode(): integer overflow detected”, you could see it in the attached screenshot:

As we have figured out, it happens when Jira bug has worklog id. So, when someone from our team starts to log his time, we have a problem
Probably you could advice us, if we can setup integration someway to ignore unnecessary fields of Jira tickets?

We use TimePO Timesheet plugin for logging our work
We use TestRail for JIRA Test Management, Version: for integration.
The version of Jira is 6.1.7.
Testrail version is


Hello Alexander,

Thanks for your posting. It looks like JIRA returns an invalid JSON response if it includes a worklog. Do you have the option to enable debug logging and send us the log to so we can review this?

It would be great if you could enable debug logging, open the Defects page again and then send the log file to our help desk at