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Defects in reports


I imported test cases to project from CSV (good experience)
I created test runs
Then I set some test cases to Passed some to Blocked some to Failed
When setting to Failed I was adding defects in JIRA (I have connection betweeen Testrail and JIRA (I have created project in JIRA earlier…)
And after I prepared Report for detects for my test run it shows 0 although I raised like 7 defects

And what is the difference between Add and Push?


I’ve got error

it is link to JIRA

but no defects in report


Hello @sko-czy,

Thanks for your posting! Can you let me know which report you ran? The list of defects can also be found directly on the Defects tab when viewing a run/plan/milestone and this also includes the live statistics from JIRA:

Regarding Add/Push: Add is a simple link to the add-issue form while Push lets you add new issues directly from TestRail’s user interface:

Also related is the Lookup feature which lets you view JIRA issues directly in TestRail (when you hover over the issue IDs).

I hope this helps!



OK I just saw Defects tab! :slight_smile: Nice! I can’t remember which report I have run, but now I am able to see som detects in report. Thanks Tobias for such rapid response!

So the Oopen Resolved statuses from JIRA are online? Like Ajax? Or I have to refresh the page?

Does the Resolved status (from JIRA) of Defect reflect to Passed in Testrail automatically? Or should it be changes manually?

I like testrail better now.


Great to hear that you like it :slightly_smiling:

The status is pulled live once from JIRA when you open the Defects page, or paginate through the list of defects (if you have many defects, TestRail would use pagination on this page). So, the issue statuses you see on this page are the current statuses from JIRA and would match the statuses you see in JIRA.

Changing the status in JIRA (e.g. to Resolved) would not automatically change the status to Passed in TestRail. This is by design because doing this is an automated way may not always be desired and it’s usually recommended to go through a test again once the issue status was changed to Resolved in JIRA. If you also use
the JIRA add-on, you can quickly see all test results in JIRA and directly jump to the tests in TestRail.

I hope this helps!



also a resolved issue does not mean directly that the test passes.

But what I like to see is (I think I already mentioned it somewhere else) is that from the JIRA side on can easily set the test e.g. to retest, so that the tester can re-test. Currently one resolves the issue in JIRA and then needs to follow the link and adds a new result to the test.
If this could be done from JIRA in a “on-click-action”, it would be awesome


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your feedback! Yep, it’s already planned to look into this and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Hi tgurock,

I’m looking at the Defects tab when viewing a Milestone and it’s showing all that I want to see (Test case status, TC ID, Jira ID, Jira Description, etc). The problem is, I’m not able to print this or save it as a report. I have tried creating a Defect Summary Report from the Reports tab, but for whatever reason I cannot get it to show the Jira information in the same way. Am I missing something? It would be great if I could just select a Milestone, Tap the Defects tab, then either print or save as report.



Hi there,

Thank you for the post. One suggestion in this case would be to print this page via your browser. You could then print this to a PDF if needed. You may also want to try the ‘Summary for Cases (Defects)’ report as this will show you the defect IDs as you are seeing them on the defects tab of a milestone.