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Defects All column not exported

Hi all,

I have added the column Defects All on my test cases view. This is because a test case could have multiple defects in a single run. But when I export the run, all columns I selected were exported except Defects All. In the Export to Excel pop-up prompt, the Defects All is not available in the choices under Layout. Screenshot below.

Is there a way to include this column in my extract?


Hi Zaldy,

Did you add a custom field in Case Fields section or Results Field section ?

Also, we do have a documentation available on “Configuring Custom Fields”

Let me know if this helps !


Hi Shanu,

Hope your are safe and well.

Do you mean I should add a custom field named ‘Defects All’ in either Case Fields or Result Fields section under Customizations page? Wouldn’t that make a duplicate of the standard system field of the same name?