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Defects All column does not show unique ids



I was wondering whether there is a reason that the “Defects All” column does not show distinct ids.

A test has failed and an issue was reported. The issue was set to resolved, but the test fails again, so the same is added to the failing result and the issue is re-opened.

Now the “Defects All” show twice the same issue id.

Why is that ?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. It’s just that TestRail doesn’t filter out duplicates because this a) doesn’t happen often in practice and b) some users might still prefer to see all added defects (even if it contains duplicates).



thanks for the answer.

if its not happening often, how is the expected behaviour of reopening a defect ? What when the test still fails due to a previously reported defect ?


You can check the status on the Defects tab/report so reopened defects would appear on this page, or you can look up the current status via the hover/lookup feature.