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Defect template pulling in data from old test


Hi, I’m using a steps-based test case and when pushing data into a template for a push to redmine, it is pulling in data from somewhere else. It looks like maybe an old version of the test. When I edit the test, only the steps exist and not even preconditions, however, when going into the template there seems to be old steps as a text block and an old expected result. These are then mixed in with the steps/expected results list from the current steps-based case.


Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your posting! The old fields are still stored with the test case even if you switch the template (so that you can still switch back to the other template mode if you prefer this) but I agree that the fields should be ignored for the defect templates and we will make sure to look into this. If you use the same template for all cases in the project, you can also simple remove the fields from the defect description template as a workaround in the meantime.