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Defect Summary Report: Can you use a wildcard for defects when searching?


I am looking through the “Defect Summary report”, we are connected to JIRA. I would like to know how many defects are in a specific Project. What I am asking is there a wildcard option to list only defects for a specific group.

Example: I have about 20 projects we use in JIRA, and based on if it is a regression or not it goes to different projects

  • Project: ABC is for the GA release, thus not a regression in the current release we are testing
  • Project: XYZ is for New Dev that is not currently GA, and would be a regression found.

I would like to search for all defects logged against “XYZ-*” so that I can follow up with Development, and keep track of regression found prior to release.

thanks for any help.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your post! The Defects Summary report wouldn’t include the option to search via wildcard currently. You would only have the option to choose All Defects or enter a list of defects manually into the text box. As an alternative, you can also look into exporting your test runs via CSV, and that way you could include the Defects field and do some additional manipulation to the CSV using e.g. Excel. This might make it easier to find the specific list of defects you’re looking for. Hope this helps!