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Defect Plugin display issues with 6.0+


I have a custom defect plugin working for our in house TFS server, and since the upgrade to 6.0, users are reporting that the display is overflowing the popup box in the classic theme, and is creating a large popup in the newer themes. Before 6.0, the popup would be restricted to a size, and a scroll bar was added (i believe).

How can is get this functionality back?


Hi @rperneel,

Thanks for the post and bug report! I have been able to replicate this issue where the Push dialog is larger than the browser window, requiring zooming out or scrolling within the browser.

Our development team will review this issue and provide a fix release for this as soon as one is available.

In the meantime, without changing the size of the fields within your custom plugin where possible (such as changing full size fields to compact, or reducing the number of rows in text fields), there would not be a direct workaround for this, unfortunately.


@jon.reynolds Thanks for the update!