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[Defect Plugin] Assign data from Checkbox Fields



I have a checkbox field in Rally, I am looking to use the defect plugin so that I can assign the value on defect push for this field and also retrieve the value from this field when viewing the defect.

I know the only types currently supported are string, text and dropdown. But do you know of any workaround for this. Thanks as always


No worries, after a bit of troubleshooting this seems to be supported.

So first assign the field as string, text might work also but haven’t tested this.

'whatever' => array( 'type' => 'string', 'label' => 'Whatever', 'required' => true, 'size' => 'compact' )

Then the user must enter true/false in the string or else an error is shown as:

And then for the lookup you need to convert the boolean back to string as below:


Hello Gavin,

Thanks for your posting and good to hear that you got it working already. Another option would be to use a dropdown with True and False as items. You can then convert this (to the bool expected by Rally) as part of the “push” or “add_issue” method. I believe this would be easier to use and is the recommended option to implement true/false (checkboxes) on the Push Defect dialog.



Thanks Tobias, that is a much cleaner solution.

Thanks for the solution


You are welcome, Gavin, and great to hear that this works for you!