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Defect not being exported


Hello TestRail Community,

In my Test Run & Result view, I added the column of Defects for easy viewing. But when I tried to export the test runs to excel and CSV file format, the defect data is not included in the file export.

Also, what is the difference between Case ID and ID?


How are you exporting - what format? i checked with out install a few minutes go and to Excel and XML the defect is exported and it does not have to be added to the screen.



The ID is a copy of the original test case and assigned a TXXXXXX ID instead of the CXXXXXX. The original test case (CXXXXXX) is part of the repository of the test cases and are never passed or failed. When a test run is created and you choose the test cases to include a copy of all of those test cases is created using the T to separate the test case from the original test cases.


Hi BGanger,

I tried both XML and CSV from Test Runs & Results view.
I clicked the export run button at the top of the view
Selected 'Export to CSV’
Ticked columns I would like to be included (including Defects)
But the resulting extract have the column heading for ‘Defects’ but not value in included.csv%20extract.

Thanks for clarifying the difference between T and C IDs.


It is odd - for grins I used the same defect code just to make sure there was not something weird with alpha-numeric Ids and still did not have a problem.

Can I assume that for the CSV/Excel export the Sections and Layout sections are correct to capture the data? Like below?


Yes, the CSV/Excel export section have selections for Export all sections and Defect ticked. I tried exporting to XML file, but the result was the same. Then I adding few more defects just to see how will it go. Surprisingly, only the 1st defect id is not included in the list. There must be something about that defect in JIRA that made it not to be included in the export.

Anyway, I hope this will not happen again. I’ll try to investigate further from my end and will update if anything concrete comes up.

Thanks for your help.


Good luck - can’t imagine it being a JIRA issue as it should not depend on JIRA to export - we don’t use JIRA and I could put anything in the field and have it exported. I would be interested if you find the issue.