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Defect: Navigating via URL to folder in test run does not work


When I navigate to a folder in a Test Run via the UI (clicking on the folder in compact view), TestRail displays the tests under that folder in a list on the left. The URL also changes to reflect the folder location.

If I take that URL and put it in an email to someone, when they follow that link, they are delivered to the correct test run and the correct folder is selected on the right, but the list of tests on the left are the tests contained in the top folder, not the selected one.



Thanks for your posting. Could you please send an example URL (and the TestRail version you use) to our help desk at This behavior should be fixed with the most recent TestRail version but we are happy to review this again.



Hi Tobias,

We’re hosted - so latest version (

An example route is /runs/view/227&group_by=cases:section_id&group_order=asc&group_id=177.

I figured out that it’s only a problem when you’re in compact view and the folder that you’re linking to has child folders. If you link to a folder that doesn’t have child folders, it works as expected.



Thanks, Martin! I couldn’t reproduce this immediately but we will make sure to review again this for the next point release.