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Defect details in Milestone report


Just joined the Testrail users ‘team’!
Wanted to check if there is a way to have the ‘Defects’ section of Milestones tab pulled under a report, preferably the Milestone Summary report. Would be of huge help…

Tried checking the existing topics, but didn’t really help.


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Hi Dtest,

Sorry for the delayed response. It would be possible to achieve such a report using the “Summary” for Defects report. While scheduling the report under the “Sections & Test Runs” set a test run filter which covers the milestone needed.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!

Thanks vtran.
Is there a way I can generate a report in Test Rail which pulls the status, description and other details of the defects from, say, JIRA directly?
Not only the failed defects, instead, all the defects linked to TC runs of a milestone.


Hi Divya,

TestRail doesn’t currently have any built-in reports that would pull that information from Jira or other issue trackers directly. We never store the issue data or status in the TestRail database, and the reports will only pull data from your TestRail instance.

If you’re using TestRail Server edition, it is possible to create your own report templates, however we would not be able to provide direct support for any customizations made, and you would need to set it up to simultaneously pull all the relevant TestRail information and make API calls to Jira directly to gather all of the desired data. If you’d like to look into setting that up, you can find our guide on creating your own reporting plugins here: