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Defect Add URL length and additional placeholders


It would be nice if the “Defect Add Url” field had a larger max length than 250 characters to allow for more information to be passed to the bug tracker. For example, I’d like to include a description value that lists some details about the test case, including a TestRail URL.

Also, if would be nice if the defect URL supported some other placeholders, like:

  • the milestone being tested
  • the test case’s top-level section name (which mirrors features in our bug tracker)
  • other custom fields, like a browser multi-select field we’ve added to test results

Or are those available? I don’t see them in this list:



Hi Noah,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your points to our feature request list. All supported placeholders are currently listed on the documentation page but we will make sure to look into adding additional placeholders in a future version. Depending on the bug tracker you use, I can also recommend looking into using the defect plugins with the Push/Lookup functionality in addition to/instead of the Add URL feature:

If you happen to use JIRA, we also have full JIRA add-ons to see test results, cases and reports directly in JIRA:



I’d like to second Noah’s motion on this. From what I can find, URLs are usually limited at 2083 characters. I’d like to have a long URL in the “Defect Add Url” field, in order to create a new Trac ticket with a fully filled out description.

Thank you,


Hello Tom,

Thanks for feedback, just added another vote! In addition to the Defect Add URL, have you already looked into the Trac Defect Plugin?

This would be the best possible integration with Trac and you can Push and View Trac issues directly from/in TestRail.



I am trying to get that plugin working now. Still a work in progress at the moment. Thanks!


Hello Tom,

Please let me know in case you have any questions, I’m happy to help. In case you see an error dialog (e.g. 404 when clicking Push) or have trouble configuring the integration, just let me know.