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Defaulting the Test Run / Test Plan name


I will take any advice on how to default the test run name, test plan name.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your post! In general, test runs/plans would be linked to milestones (releases/sprints), and you would just label your test runs accordingly to represent the milestone (e.g. if your milestone is Release 1.0, you could use the following for your test runs: Release 1.0: Run 1; Release 2.0: Run 2; etc). This would keep your test runs/plans organized and easy to read/follow. You can also add to these titles by including the scope (e.g. you could add (regressions), (new features), (smoke test), etc) which just makes it easier to understand the purpose of each test run. Over time you can also begin to formulate your own method that works best for your team. Hope this helps!



Thanks for the reply. Our test teams are not using Milestones for the most case. In order to force them to use a test run name naming convention is there the ability to write UI script to default to a calculated value?


Hey Dave,

Thank you for the additional post. Using UI scripts to do this should be possible. It would take a bit of coding but should in fact be possible.