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Default text in a custom field when pushing an issue to Jira


I’ve currently got Testrail integrated with Jira Cloud via the app. On Jira I do not use the default ‘description’ field and instead use a custom field which I’ve also setup in Testrail via [push.fields].

When raising an issue via Jira I have the custom field already populated with text which is our template for raising issues (actual result, expected result, repro steps etc…) which is why we have to use a custom field.

I would like to know if I can also have the custom field on Testrail automatically filled in with text. For example, I would like to push a defect and the custom field already contains the words ‘actual result’ and ‘expected result’ so that a tester doesn’t have to manually type the template with every new defect raised?

If I remember correctly, there was a way to do this with the ‘description’ field on Testrail, I hope this can also be achieved with custom text fields.

Many thanks,

Ideally we’d like, when pushing a defect to Jira, our custom field on Testrail to automatically include some information rather than being a blank text box that we have to manually type into every time we push a defect.

Is this possible, and if not is it possible for us to configure Testrail’s description field to push to a custom field in Jira (opposed to Jira’s description field)?

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I think you can achieve this by updating the Integration page of your TestRail.
Note that your TestRail custom fields will be added in the Description field of Jira issue.

In the template for the description box, add the custom fields you wanted to push to Jira. To do this click the ‘Add Field’ hyperlink and select the fields you wish to add.

The template for description box will look like this…


Thank you for your reply ydlazkov.

Apologies if I wasn’t too clear, we do not use the Description field in Jira because we use a custom field instead. Because we want our defects pushing to this custom field I have correctly configured the custom field in TestRail (I know it’s correct as when I push a defect the custom field in Jira contains the information).

Now what I need to do, is be able to auto-fill a custom field in Testrail, similar to how you can auto-full the description field but instead it’s the custom field I’ve created and linked with Jira’s custom field.

I would like to push a defect and have our custom field automatically contain text that I’ve determined, as opposed to the ‘Add Field’ button which is only for the description field.

Many thanks,

I’d really appreciate some help with this, if it’s possible.

If this isn’t possible then please can someone from the Gurock Team let me know, I don’t mean to imply this is being ignored but I’ve seen other issues on here be answered that were posted at a later date.

Many thanks,