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Default test case template issue for multiple projects


I am having an issue with the default test case template. I customized this test case template and set it as default for all the projects. It is working fine for all the existing projects. But today when i created a new project i don’t see all the customized fields getting displayed in the test case. I selected this template but for some reason i don’t see all the customized fields in the test case.

Can you please let me know how to fix this issue?


Hi Ram,

Thanks for your posting. Please make sure the custom fields are assigned to the new project. By default, custom fields apply to all projects but you can also configure the fields to apply to select project only (also with different configuration options per project). If you use this option, you would need to enable the fields when you add a new project and this can be configured via the project assignments when editing a custom field:

I hope this helps!