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Default template applying only to a specific project



If I set a new template to be specific for one project, and mark this a the default template; will this template be default for this project only then?

I am a bit afraid that I1ll change the default template forall other projects at the same time…

Best regards


Hello Wilhelm,

Thanks for your posting! Sure, I’m happy to help. The default template always need to apply to all projects as TestRail needs one default template in every project.



Ok, thanks!

Just to be certain - It is then not possible to set a default template for the individual project, meaning that if I always shall use a specific template for my project then I will have to enter that template for each individual testcase?

Best regards


We would also be very interested in the possibility of setting default templates on a per-project basis.


Hello Wilhelm, Dan,

Thanks for your feedback. Setting a different default template per project is currently not possible but thanks for the suggestion and we are happy to look into this for a future version. It would be possible, however, to pre-select a different template on the add-case form with a small UI script and I’m happy to provide a small example for this:

name: Preselect a template on add case form
description: Preselects a template on add case form
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0
includes: ^cases/add

    function() {
        if ( == 1)



Super Tobias, I will try this!
To be sure: That will affect the add case on the specific project only?
Regards Wilhelm


Hello Wilhelm,

Glad to help :slight_smile: Yes, this UI script would apply to the project with ID 1 only and you can freely customize this (e.g. use a different template for project 2, another one for project 3, etc.).



Thanks for this info. I would also love the flexibility to add a default template per project. I’m not sure how the UI script is helpful since pre-selecting the template doesn’t actually update the remaining values to reflect the template chosen. I still have to change the template selection back and forth to see the related template values needed. Is this correct? Thank you for the insight.


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that’s the correct and the UI script wouldn’t currently reload the correct fields for the template. We are happy to look into support for a default template per project as a built-in feature.



Any news about this feature ?
Currently the script is unusefull if the template selection is not taken when the page loads.


Hi Sara,

Thank you for your post. We are currently still looking into adding this functionality if possible in a future release. Please keep an eye out on our blog for release information:

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team


I take it that this still hasn’t been looked into? I work with about 9 other teams on the same Testrail server and doing items via template since we don’t want sweeping changes on every single project but would prefer to silo them if possible. Templates are a great feature but having them not work by default just will make it a little more tedious.


Any update on this feature? We really want it as we have multiple teams - each having a different flavor and I’d like to assign a default template to each one separately.