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Default overall result to pass if all test steps pass


Hello Tobias most of our test cases use multiple test steps/results.

In the case of any test step fail it defaults the overall result of the test case to fail but if all test steps pass the case is not set to pass, the default for a test cases seems to be the pending state and that does not change if all individual steps pass.

This means for most of our test cases we need an extra click to pass the case. is there a way we can set it up so that if all individual steps pass, the overall result passes also?



Hi John,

The result dialog only sets the status once when you set a result to Failed and does not update the status (in order not to override a manual selection). If you accidentally submit a Failed result (with all steps passed), you can simply add a new Passed result to override the previous one and the overall test status will be updated to Passed.



Hi Tobia,
Can I write a UI Script for automatically updating Test plan status to Passed when all the Test steps passed. If so, could you please provide if there is a script available for this?