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Default milestones?



Great job on a great product! We have 2 asks to see if they’re possible:

  1. Can we set a “default milestone” so that when we add test cases, we don’t need to manually edit each test case and set the milestone? It takes away from the super awesome fast test case entry system.

  2. Is there a way to copy milestones to different projects? Lots of times a project bleeds into another project and we need to copy it’s milestones over.



Hello Pedro,

Thanks for your posting and for the kind words! Please see below for my answers:

  1. It’s not supported to set a default milestone for test cases currently. That said, setting a milestone on the test case level is usually a rare thing to do and in most cases you would only use the milestone field on the test run or plan level. The milestone field for test cases is meant for tracking the version the test cases were introduced in and this is independent from test runs & plans.

  2. You can copy test suites & cases between projects (using the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog when viewing a test suite) but copying milestones is currently not supported. Would you like to copy just the milestones or also the associated test runs/plans?