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Default assignee on test cases or sections?



Thanks for your great tool, the usability is amazing.

We are currently evaluation TestRail and some other test management system for our organization. And we have a couple of features that we are really missing (or did not find how to setup).

We run test runs on a monthyly basis and each of our tester team (7 testers) has its own area. So we thought we would like to have a default assignee on test cases or sections for instance. Is it possible with the current version ? If not, is it something you have planned to include in a future release ?

Best regards,


Hello Laurent,

There’s currently no way to specify a default user for a test case, however, there are multiple ways you could implement this (besides the obvious way of manually assigning the sections when you started a run, but I’m sure you already saw this):

  1. If this makes sense for your project, you might want to consider splitting your test cases into separate test suites. For example, if your testers usually have their ‘own’ application module or functional area they test, you could rearrange the test cases this way. You would then simply start separate test runs and directly assign the entire runs to the specific testers. You would also be able to start all your test runs at once by using a test plan.

  2. If you want to keep all your test cases in the same suite, you could still start multiple test runs with just the cases for the specific tester selected. I would also use a test plan in this scenario. For example:

a) You create a new test plan
b) Add an instance of your test suite to the plan for every tester
c) Optional: change the name of the resulting runs to match your tester’s name/functional area, this makes it easy to identify which run belongs to which tester
d) Select the test sections for each run/tester and select the tester in the Assigned To dropdown box

You would only have to do this once, as you can Rerun old test plans without having the re-enter/re-select all the data.

I hope this helps.



We ran into a similar problem and wanted to always have a default assignee for the test cases in a run, so that they don’t become orphaned in case a tester doesn’t assign a testrun at creation. We decided that the best way would be to assign the testrun to it’s creator, so that it will be his responsibility and will be in his todo list until the run is properly assigned to the tester who will be doing the work.

Maybe someone will find it useful, or you will in the future think about adding such feature (or maybe you’ll tell us that we did something wrong :slight_smile: but it seems to work so far)

In order to implement it, we wrote a few triggers from dbo.runs and dbo.tests like this:

[Removed code as it’s not supported - Dennis Gurock]

Seems to work for use, hope it helps someone else too :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Hello Dmitry,

Please note that we do not support such automatic database changes and please restore the database back to a previous state before you made any changes. Direct database writes will cause a lot of issues for your TestRail instance going forward and your database is already inconsistent because of this change. The only way to fix this is to revert back to a database backup. Please only use TestRail’s API to make automatic changes and please never change or write/update something directly in TestRail’s database.



Hi Sorry i see this was posted a while ago.
This is something that i also need to have in place.

But might i suggest if you dont want us to set the default user that you just set it to @me as default
That way whom ever open the test step it will auto assign to them. This for me it what would work best for what i need.


Hi dobryan,

Thanks for your reply! This wouldn’t usually be recommended as sometimes testers can be browsing through tests without the intention of taking over the test or assigning it to themselves. We would recommend using a filter to select the tests that need to be assigned to any given user, and that way you can assign any specific filter to a specific tester (or yourself) using the bulk Assign To ‘Assign all in filter’ option. Hope this helps!