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Default assignee for test runs


This field need to be more informative, I thought it only effective when you add new test cases into the runs. Made a big mess out of our current runs.

But turns out it also change all already assigned tests too.
I guess with the way test runs designed, if you don’t choose all test cases, you basically re-add all selected test cases when you click save button.

Just another whine and complaint. Nothing to see.


Hi @gavril

Thanks for the feedback! You are correct that using the ‘Assign To’ button when editing or creating a test run will assign the entire test run to a user and therefore would reassign any test cases in the run to the specified user as well.

If you are editing a test run and have cases assigned to multiple users, you can select the blank ‘Assign To’ value to ensure test cases are not reassigned when you save any changes to the test run. We will also work to update the description text for this field to help reduce any confusion and further explain the expected behavior of this.

Hope this helps,