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Date (short) Format


I just had to field my first complaint from a user regarding the date(s) as they are displayed. They are in a MM/DD/YYYY whereas, we logically use YYYY/MM/DD everywhere.

I tried a few diff locals (English ect.) in the user settings but could not find any YYYY/MM/DD location hits, without losing the language. Am I missing something? Perhaps a feature request?


Locale:=“English (South Africa)”… works!


Hello Henry,

Glad to see that you got it working. We basically support all standard locales (region specific formatting of dates, numbers and other data) that modern operating systems support.




The required date format is MM/DD/YYYY (e.g. ‘Due on’ for milestones) and what we need is the format DD/MM/YYYY. Where can I change this? Could you please help?




Thanks for your posting. You can change the date format by changing the “Locale” option, either globally for your TestRail installation (under Administration > Site Settings > Application) or per user under My Settings.