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Date format in provided reports


When I create a report (i.e. “Activity Summary”, the report shows dates in German format (Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016)

As the whole cloud installation of TestRail is in english and the report itself is in english as well, this is more than odd.
Also, it makes processing the data i.e. in Excel unnecessary complöicated as I have to convert that date format (I’m using an english Excel and prefer US english system settings because all of my data used en-US format)

In my opinion, that German date format doesn’t make any sense in the reports. I’d really prefer to have them in mm/dd/yyyy format.
Can this be changed in the templates in a future release please? Or best, make it configurable…


Hello Detlef,

Thanks for your posting! The reports use the configured default locale (date/time format) of the TestRail installation and this can be configured under Administration > Site Settings > Application. It appears this is set to Deutsch/German in your case.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

thanks for the explanation.
Though, as even the US long date format used in the reports when system is set to english (US), is difficult to interpret by tools like Excel, it would be an improvement to have this configurable in a future version of the report(s).


Hello Detlef,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that definitely makes sense and we will make sure to look into this (I agree that the short version date/time format should be a better fit in this case).