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Database update issue After upgrading to TestRail


We have updated our testrail from 5.4 to Version.

The installation looks fine and while moving to the db upgrade wizard we are getting error .

Installation Status

|TestRail version :

|Your database version :185
|New database version:188
|Checking installation files :Success

TestRail Update Wizard
Please see below for the result of the update and the next steps.

Updating to database version 186 Error (details below)
**Updating to database version 187 **
**Updating to database version 188 **
Duplicate column name 'is_reset_password_forced’


Hi Krishnakumar,

Thanks for your post! We would need a bit more information about your TestRail installation to help troubleshoot the error. Could you please send an email directly to so we can gather these details and provide the next steps? Specifically, if we could get more details about the operating system and version you’re using, as well as the TestRail logs from the day you attempted to upgrade, this would be helpful.

We look forward to your email!



Hi There,

I’ve send a mail to mentioned mail ID. But still not received any update.

we are awaiting for your response.



We have faced the same Duplicate column name 'is_reset_password_forced error at database Up gradation to version 186 for Testrail



Hello Krishna,

We’ve received your email and will continue to troubleshoot and update you via email. I’m also happy to update this thread once we’ve determined a solution in case it is useful for other customers as well.