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Data.put gives an error "Field :custom_tags is not a valid array."


When I am trying to add a test case, I get the error “Field :custom_tags is not a valid array.” Not sure how to give an array in the arguments for data.put
Any help appreciated.



Thanks for your posting. Multi-select fields require the following format for the API (JSON format):

"custom_tags": [1, 2, 3, 4] ..

Assuming you use one of our API bindings, you would usually be able to format this is a standard array and can pass this directly to the send-post API method (depending on the programming language).

I hope this helps!




Thanks for the reply.
I tried using data.put(“custom_tags” : [1,2]);
but it gives me an error. Is there anything I’m missing?


Can you let me know what kind of error you see? The error message or a screenshot would be great. Which programming language do you use?

The example I mentioned was the JSON notation and this looks different when using it from Java, for example:

List tags = new ArrayList();
tags.add(new Integer(1));
tags.add(new Integer(2));
data.put("custom_tags", tags);




Thanks for the reply. I am using java.



The code above should do the trick then. Please let me know in case any further questions come up, happy to help.