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Data Processing Agreement prompt


The Data Processing Agreement dialog states IF we have a business in the territory of a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland or subject to territorial scope of the GDPR… we are not and my company does not want to sign this. From the way it is worded, the need to sign this is conditional and we should not have to. However, there is no way to opt out other than to cancel the dialog and it just keeps popping up every time I go to the Dashboard.

Is there anything I can do?



Is there a solution for this? I have a persistent popup as well. Not only are we in the US and don’t want to sign the agreement, I do not “have full legal authority to agree to the Data Processing Agreement on behalf of the Data Controller.”


@CSMTester I sent a support request directly to TR. I will post back what I find out.


Hi all - our GDPR compliance commitment is here and the Data Protection Agreement (DPA) text be found here or by following the link from the GDPR dialog.

If you don’t think your organisation needs to agree to our DPA, or you are unwilling/unable to do so - please let us know via the form on the FAQ page, and we’ll deal accordingly.

I hope that helps!