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Data dump of all results to Excel

I’m struggling with getting the reports I need out of the tool front end and am wondering if there is a way to do a data dump (export to excel) all of the results so I have:
Test Case
Results for each tester
which test run the tester is associated wtih
etc, etc

so that I can then create all of the reports I need outside of the application

Do you have the Cloud version of Test Rail or server?

I have the cloud version – right now, the only way I can figure out to dump the data to excel is to create a pdf of one of the existing reports and then use adobe
acrobat dc to export the data to excel – and then, to massage the data to be useful for querying. Any other ideas?

Thank you!!

The other question I should have asked was if this is for a specific test run? Any test run can be exported to csv/Excel or XML however it is by test run and you can choose which data items to include.

The intent is really to download ALL data and then get into a format that is able to be analyzed by multiple people who are responsible for various test cases
– so they can see the results of all of their test cases, within all of the test runs (and also see the associated test plans for those test runs).

I’d extract all of the data daily so the product managers could create reports off of the data.

Have you looked at the Summary --> Runs report?


This might do what you want. Though if the custom date is large then it will increase the process of creating the report.

Thanks! I’ll play with that one. Really appreciate your help!

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