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Dashboard to include more projects


I really like the Test Rail dashboard as it give a quick view of execution but it only show the top 4 projects out of 14 p[rojects.

  • Is there an option to show more/ all projects or better yet select the projects to be displayed.
  • Can we tailor the colour as different shades of just blue colour is a bit hard to follow.

Thanks again. I am liking Test Rail so far


Hi there,

TestRail would always just show you the top four most active projects on the dashboard. This is based around the fact that TestRail will list all active projects below the statistics as well. In order to save space and not overly complicate the main dashboard, we simply include the four most active projects. If you need additional depth of view for projects that are not showing up on the dashboard, you would simply need to view the individual projects dashboard.

I hope this helps.