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Dashboard integration to Confluence



I am a bit lost concerning the integration of TestRail Dashboards to Confluence.
I used the iFrame macro on our local Confluence installation.
I used the https URL since TestRail installation is also running https here.
I used an URL like “

When I save the Confluence site it says “Fehler: Server nicht gefunden” (“error: server not found”) within the iFrame.
Then I thought: I need to login an authenticate to TestRail, how does Confluence do that? Is that maybe the error ?


Hi Cyrus,

Thanks for your posting! Please make sure that the TestRail address is correct and it looks like you used a (maybe slightly) incorrect TestRail address. Authentication works via session cookies from TestRail so this would be independent of Confluence. You can learn more about the integration here:



unfortunately the adress (URL) is ok.
when i paste it directly into the webbrowser it works fine.
Using the iFrame macro doesn’t (?)


Hi Cyrus,

Thanks for your reply! Could you please send us the following screenshots via email (to

  • Your iframe/macro configuration in Confluence
  • The full Confluence browser window with the iframe and error you see (including Confluence address)
  • The full TestRail browser window (including TestRail address)



Hi Tobias,

it seems that our confluence admins somehow restrict the iframe macro (or better: use a customized iframe macro), because of some security issues (Java script).



Hi Cyrus,

Thanks for the additional details! I believe the iframe/HTML macros support a whitelist for allowed iframe addresses (depending on the Confluence edition). The documentation for setting up the integration for Confluence Cloud and Server can also be found here: