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Dashboard Customization


Hi All,

We are currently using the Test Rail as a test management tool in our projects, and we are really enjoying, it is an easy tool to use with many features, what we are feeling right now is that lack be possible to customize our own Dashboards, .At this point I have difficulty to get a basic report, as a overall table that with all testrun the number of test cases by state. at this momento it is only possible when we deep on each test run.

when are you expecting perform this feacture?

Many tks Mariana


Hello Mariana,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail :slight_smile:

Dashboard or project overview customizations are currently not directly possible but you can create a variety of reports on the Reports tab. You can even automate this by scheduling reports and auto-generating on a regular basis.

I believe you are looking for the Results > Comparison for Cases report and this generate a side-by-side comparison for test runs and cases: