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Customizing test steps by team


I have some teams (projects) that want individual steps, and some that want one big “steps” section.

What is the best way to handle this? Currently we just have a bunch of custom fields, and apply the fields to specific projects. The disadvantage of this is that when we create a new project, it is missing some of the fields (such as “steps”) unless we specifically include them.

Would it be better to just make test case templates and then just indicate team-by-team which template is the default?


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting. Usually it’s best is to configure the fields and templates and then just assign the templates to the projects as needed. All projects will share the same default template so we would recommend using a default that works for everyone but you can assign individual templates to all/select projects as you see fit for your teams (e.g. steps via text vs. separated steps). There are already templates for the regular steps (via text fields) and separated steps.