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Customizing Test Statuses


Hello Gurock Software!

We’ve been using TestRail for about 2 months now. The benefits and convenience we’ve gotten from it so far is incredible. Congratulations on building and maintaining an awesome product!

Having said that, I also want to add that as every software product, TestRail also has a big window for improvements. :slight_smile:

We desperately need to create new statuses/and or rename the existing ones according to our company processes. I understand that this is not possible in TestRail right now. Is there any plans to implement that in the near future?

Also we have TestRail installed on our server. How will we get notified of the new releases?



Hello Ilkay,

Thanks for the kind words and great to hear that you enjoy TestRail. :slight_smile:

Custom test statuses are on our todo list and have a higher priority for us. This feature didn’t make it into the 2.5 release (available soon) but we would like to see it in one of the next updates. That said, things can change of course but this is a popular feature request and we will make sure to consider it for one of the next updates.

By the way, renaming test statuses is possible with the current version of TestRail by adding a custom “translation” to your installation. You would basically copy and edit the translation files of TestRail:

You would just need to change those sentences/phrases that contain the test statuses (e.g. “Blocked”).

Regarding the update notification: TestRail itself has an update check that notifies administrators about new releases (as message directly in TestRail’s user interface). We also have an email newsletter you can subscribe to (at the bottom of this page).

Just let me know in case you have any further questions.