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Customizing test cases for each test run



Is there a way to customize test cases in every test run?

If I have a test case which is already used in couple of test runs and now I want to make a new test run and add\change something in that test case, do I need to create a new test case?
(As if I’ll change the existing test case, It’ll be changed also in the previous test runs)


Hello Tagel,

Thanks for your posting. As you’ve already seen, changes to a test case will be visible in all active test runs. Note that you can also ‘close’ test runs with the effect that test case changes are not propagated to the those runs (useful for completed test runs and auditing purposes).

If the test runs should be active at the same time though, creating a new test case would currently be the preferred solution for your scenario. We already have feature requests on our list for full test case versioning and/or snapshots which would allow for different solutions and may be added in future TestRail versions.

I hope this helps,


I have a situation like this.

A user started a test. Added results. Now the user changed the test case. Now in the test run for this testcase you can see the changes to the testcase. But the changes are not visible in the results.

Can this be changed or is the only option to add new results.


I believe the only way to do this is to add new results.

It probably wouldn’t make sense to have edits apply to the completed result. That would make it seem like the tester tested something they didn’t actually test.

Lets say on April 1st, tester Bob completed the following test:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter “cats” into search box, click search.

Then lets say in June the team decides the test should search for dogs.

  1. Enter “dogs” into search box, click search.

If the completed result changed, it would make it seem like Bob had searched for “dogs” in April. Obviously he didn’t, and it could cause problems if it looks like he did.