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Customizing Defect Plugin


I know it’s possible to customize the defect plugin to readout custom data from our defect logging software, but I had a question about the way TestRails looks up defect information.

Can I use information gathered by the defect plugin ( Any, but ours is OnTime ) in a UI Script or any sort of other instance? What I’m looking to do is check the defect readout for it’s status “Open or Closed” and create a nice little UI Script printout that shows the user a table with the Open Defects only. If the defect is closed I’d simply ignore it.

I’m sure it’s possible if I can access whatever method is pulling that defect data.



Thanks for your posting. That’s not currently supported with UI scripts unfortunately. It is planned to add direct support to TestRail for listing open defects or the status together with defects but that’s not yet available. That said, this could already be implemented with a custom report as opposed to UI scripts and the upcoming version (3.0, available very soon) will add a new reporting area and framework you could use for this.