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Customizie Jira Integration



I just tested the lates JIRA Integration Wizard, which really works easy and good.
BUT: is there a way to limit or better narrow down the JIRA Feedback?

For example: when I push a ticket to JIRA, in the JIRA dialogue I can select like all the different projects we have set up in Jira. For my purpose I just need a few of these and would like to shorten the list.

Another issue: we are using “Sub-Fehler” (I guess something like “sub-issue” in english versions). For this a parent issue is needed. Is it possible to somehow configure parent issues for several projects in the integration?
I have solved this with some lines of php in our old integration but i really would like to use the new version.


Hi Cyrus,

The plugin currently renders the full list of JIRA projects but TestRail will automatically remember and restore the selection per TestRail project and user once you’ve pushed an issue. So, you would usually only need to select the JIRA project once and TestRail will automatically preselect the correct JIRA project for future pushes.

Regarding the sub-issues: yes, sub-issues/tasks are also fully supported now and you can find the documentation here:

I hope this helps!