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Customized Push Defect template - github integration

Hi team,

is it possible to customize Push Defect window with pre-defined and different values? I marked 4 areas in which I would need some modification:

  1. Summary - Is it possible to change text Failed test to anything else, sth. like Github %project/folder/subfolder_name% + test case title ?

  2. Assignee - can I assign more than 1 user during defect creation? It’s possible in github

  3. Missing Projects field - in github selecting proper project during issue/defect is important as the issue is displayed in desired project board. Unfortunately, I don’t see that field in Push Defect window

  4. Default/pre-defined values in Labels - if there is a way to provide some labels automatically durign every defect creation, it would save some time. Those labels exist in github as well.

Thanks for help.

Any update on this one? At least on one of my questions, please?.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the post and follow-up! The current defect plugin for GitHub is static and cannot be modified through integration settings within TestRail.

With TestRail’s UI Scripts, you can likely address questions 1 and 4, as you would be able to utilize JavaScript to modify the values in these fields based on data from your test case.

If you would like to change the actual fields of the push dialog, this would be possible with TestRail Server, as you would be able to implement your own customized defect plugin for GitHub, as described in our documentation here.

That said, we are also looking to add more fields and options to our defect plugins and I will add your feedback to our internal feature requests. In the meantime, implementing the customizations described above may help.