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Customize the JIRA Popup


We currently have customized the fields that you need to enter in “Push” defect to point to our custom JIRA fields and all is good.

However, when we hover over the defect reference link and get the popup window we still only see the default fields. I would like to see my custom fields in this as well. Is there a way to do this that does not involve coding?

A suggestion might be that the same definition is used that we set up for the Push defect to show the defect content.


Hello Roland,

Thanks for your posting. The Lookup window currently always uses the same fields and is independent of the Push configuration. You can always jump to the issue in JIRA to see all details, but I understand that showing the fields directly in the lookup window would be preferred of course. The good news that this is already on our feature request and was requested before, I’m happy to another vote :slight_smile: