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Customize the default value for Expected Result in Step field



I’m using Step separated and Expected result for each step. Is it possible to customize the default value for the Expected Result. Here is my current test case in testrail:

Step 1 Expected Result

Step2 Expected Result:
Result XYZ123

Can we customize it with default content for Expected Result for each step like:
Expected Result:
Result on Server:
Result on Application:

Please help


Hi Duc,

Thank you for the response. It is possible to go in and add a custom initial value for the expected result field. This however would effect all projects that use the Expected Results field. If you want to do this you can go into Administration > Customizations and edit the Expected Results field. Otherwise, I would recommend that you export some of your test cases to CSV. You can then edit these as a template and import them into TestRail. Whenever you need to create a new test case you could use these as a sort of template.


Thanks for your advises.

Just in case, my company’s test cases format needs to have those content by default for all products/projects. How can we update by UI script? Would you please help?

Many thanks,


Hey Duc,

Thank you for the follow up. In this case I would recommend using the first suggestion in my previous response. This would make sure this applies to all test cases. We would not recommend using a UI script to accomplish this at all.