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Customize test "Status" per project



Currently, is there a way to customize the test status options per project?

For example, for ecommerce projects we utilize a status of “Compatibility” i.e. compatibility testing is being carried out (so its kind of like an “In Progress” status but more specific). This is only for ecommerce projects and other projects do not want to see this, so can I assign this status purely to the projects that need to see it?

If not, then please can this be added to improvements lists as this would make managing multiple project types a lot easier.

Many thanks


Hello Stuart,

Thanks for your posting. Statuses are currently global (as are priorities and case types). You can still configure statuses and use them in select projects only (by convention) but this wouldn’t hide the statuses from other projects. You could also alternatively look into using additional custom fields and standard or more generic test statuses. Custom fields can be managed and configured per project:



Hi Gurock team,

A little up here, as in my company we are also greatly interested in per-project statuses :slight_smile: .
Like Stuart, we have different teams here which have different needs regarding statuses.

Moreover, it would be great to get the ability to :

  • have a project-level permission to edit these per-project statuses. So that only specific users would be allowed to add or rename per-project statuses
  • create more statuses : 12 statuses for a whole TestRail instance is too few