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Customize plot css



I want to customize the output of print plan in the ‘Test Runs & Result’ menu (index.php?/plans/view/[ID]). I tried an UI Script with some easy css. I left the includes section of the script empty so it is executed on every page. That works fine. Unfortunately it does not work on /plans/plot.

Can you please help me?



Hi Chris,

Thanks for your posting. The print views don’t support UI scripts because these pages can potentially include huge amounts of data and manipulating these pages with JavaScript is difficult in many cases. We therefore decided not to support UI scripts for the print views. What are you trying to customize? If you want to generate a custom report, you can also look into using the XML exports instead and this might be an alternative depending on your use case.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for reply.
My goal is to change the layout of the pdf which I can create in the print dialog.
For example I try to put a logo to the header of the pdf.



Thanks, Chris. That’s currently not directly possible out of the box but you could look into adding this as a post-processing step. For example, once the PDF was generated you could look into adding an overview page with your logo etc. as the first page of the PDF and it should be possible to automate this step with a small script, for example.