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Customize feedback and help links?


I would like to be able to customize the feedback and help links to go to different locations.

Since we administer TestRail for our company we like to keep the relationship with our users and the vendor separate.

Additionally we are writing some of our own “Tips and tricks” documents to fit with company terminology and culture, so again customizing the help link to go to our internal wiki would be ideal.

Can this be accomplished today? Something to be added later?


Hello Tony,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not currently possible to customize those links, but we can see if this can be customized in one of the next updates and I’ve added this to our list. If this is critical it could be done by changing the header file for this, but we would need to do this (as the file is protected from modifications) and such a change wouldn’t “survive” an update.



Thanks Dennis,

It won’t be critical to our initial deployment, but certainly will be helpful in pointing our users to all of our available resources.


Hello Tony,

Thanks for the clarification. I agree that this would be useful to have and we’ve added this to our list.