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Customization "Comment Field" in "Add Result"


we want to fill this field with a formatted text.

We have created our own template in Jira that names some important points that are important for a bug report.
We would like to add this to this field in TestRail as well, so that the created tickets from TestRail have the same formatting as the tciekts created in Jira. How can we proceed here?


Hi Alex,
just check the customization for the JIRA plugin. In adition to add custom fields and their order, you can define a template for the comment field, incl. some variables.

But keep in mind, usually less is more. :grinning:


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Hi, Karsten,

we work in so-called test-weeks before releases. This is where the entire company tests. This means that many “non-QA” employees are involved. To avoid time-consuming rework on the QA side, we would like to implement this.

Where exactly in the plugin can I insert it for exactly this field?


The field %tests:comment% is already inside, but how can I assign a value “text” to the field?

Check the second screen shot on the page, below the field definitions:

Excuse me for asking so many questions… :sweat_smile:

We have already inserted fields there. However, we want the Comment field to contain the following predefined text:

+Pre-Sets / Pre-Condition:+

+Steps to reproduce:+

+Actual Result:+

+Expected Result:+

+Additional Information:+

  • Tested on:… (x.xx.xx)

  • Browser: … (xx.xxxx.xx)

  • OS: …

  • User ID: *

Since I am not fit to configure fields in Testrail, I would have to know exactly how to pass this text as a template.

Hi Alex,
I’m sorry my fault. On searching for a good screen for customizing the results, I switched to customize the Push-Defect Dialog… So forget the former advice, you are one steps before this.

Then I thought to check for adding your template as a pre-content for the comment field. But I wasn’t able to find it in the docs somewhere - and I don’t have access to a system right now. Probably it is possible, but I can’t give you the right tip. Sorry.

But two remarks to your process at all.
You can easily add your additional information as simple fields in the result itself. Or even all other fields as well.
Your result looks more like a defect description and not a result following a defined test case. Do you start with a real description or more or less in a free test session? Probably it is easier to create cases with steps on the fly and create a result afterwards. This makes it easier to give structure in TestRail.

So sorry again, but maybe it helps.