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Customising testrail results section in Jira


Dear Gurock Team!

We wanted to get an overview of the test cases and test run results in Jira. Hence we have integrated Jira and testrail which works well. Thanks for this integration.

We have test cases referenced to multiple requirements. As we cannot get test run results in Jira we decided to use the Defect field to get an overview of the test results wrt the current ticket. With this we are able to get the results, both Pass and Fail under the For Tests section.

We run our tests on different configurations example different Browsers. We have often seen that a test case might succeed for a browser and might fail on a different browser. In such cases, the For Tests section displays multiple results (Pass/Fail) with the same test case title. One has to expand the result to know on which configuration the test was executed.

Hence I would like to know if we can customise the fields that are displayed in the Testrail: Results overview section. It would help if we can add for example the configuration as well to the overview.

Thank You!


Hey Chan,

Thank you for the post. The TestRail add-on would not allow you to customize the fields that show up. This is something we have been looking into and would be happy to add a vote for this for you.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I will wait for this feature.