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Customised Test Steps


I was wondering if it’s possible to configure TestRail to just have cases with separate test steps that do not have the expected result for each step?

Example showing the field which I would like to remove:

What I would like to do is (for example), have several steps with just one final expected result. I can create a separate expected result field… but how do I get rid of the expected result next to each step.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi Ryan,

Using the test case template with steps may not be your best approach here. Each step is intended to also record individual results so this may present issues with reports later down the road if a step doesn’t have a result status to record.

Instead consider using a text field. You can organize and format the steps using TestRail’s markdown.

You can also create additional custom fields to separate the steps from expected result.


Or you just uncheck this in the customization of case fields


They are both good options… thanks for sharing (its most appreciated).


Thanks Steffen for that extra info. Also a great option, possibly even better!