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Customisation of testrail features for integrating with automation framework

I am currently using Data driven approach for automation and have lot of testcases written in excelsheet,where in each row of data is separate testcase.Each row in the excel sheet has testcase description and the data points for that specific test case.I was able to integrate my automation framework with testrail and pass the status of pass/fail but what my management wants me to do is once again write all the testcases with description and data in testrail manually and all this information have to be populated in the Steps section in testrail testcase.Can anyone please suggest how the same can be done.

Requirement:if I run my automation tests then not only the tests are marked as just pass or fail in testrail but also the details of the testcase from the excelsheet I use for my datadriven approach is populated in the testrail Steps section for respective testcases.

Hi @Ravikumar,
maybe I didn’t get you point, but by adding (also update) you can add your required information, not only the status.
You can add a comment or even separated step information with an actual result and status can be passed. See the doc for the endpoint.

Or did I miss a point?